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Guest Post: Meanwhile, In The Serengeti by Barbara Ann Wright


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No Wasted Ink

WildebeestStraight people are my wildebeests. I watch them from the grass, waiting. One little noise will send them into a stampede, hooves kicking the dirt into a cloud, making them harder to catch.

I creep forward, silent, downwind from them. I must catch them off guard. I take a deep breath, stand up, let them have a good look at me, and say, “I write fantasy novels about lesbians.”

Okay, maybe it’s not exactly like that, but pitching a novel starring LGBT characters to a straight audience has its pitfalls, but if I want the widest readership possible for my work, it’s something I have to do.

I love all my fans. From the LGBT crowd to the pansexuals and asexuals, those who are intersex, and those who eschew labels. And there are straight people who seek out diverse books. I love them, too. I usually don’t have to sell…

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I Wish I could go



I love this beautiful picture of Santorini Greece. I don’t know much about Greece but I know I would love to visit. Maybe someday I will.

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Ask Morgana 124: Willy Pogany


Morgana Somerville

Willy Pogany (1882-1955) is probably best known for his illustrations of children’s books. His 1929 illustrations for Lewis Carroll’s Alice’s Adventures in Wonderland have a ‘modern’ Alice with bobbed hair, low waistline, short skirt, and mary-janes, but he illustrated many other books of fairy tales, myths, and legends. He could turn his hand to The Arabian Nights, to Asgard, to Olympus, to the Bible, or to Faerie. Famously, he illustrated in simple, art nouveau ink lines, an edition or Pierre Louÿs’ faux-Hellenic collection of erotic poems Bilitis. His style developed from early art nouveau, through Rackhamesque extravagance, to the gentle precision of his artistic instruction books, to the almost pin-up sauciness of ‘Gone with the Wind’ (5 below). You can see some of this development in the chosen images. (2) is, I believe, from his illustrations for The Rubaiyat of Omar Khayyam, and is…

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Quiet Thoughts.



I occupy my mind with distractions,
Silencing it with mind-numbing TV and food,
Yet when time comes for bed,
I am overcome by a certain mood.

My nights I now spend fitful,
Racing through cartoon like dreamscapes,
I’ve been denying myself my things,
I think I know why my heart aches.

There’s been this quiet voice,
At first so quiet I could not hear,
But now as I grow stronger,
This voice is at war with my fear.

Deep within the folds of my gyrus,
There’s a little girl lost,
She cries out in desperation,
She has spent too much time cut off.

So there are these quiet thoughts in my mind that, despite always knowing they were there, I have never truly dredged up and acknowledged. These thoughts unsettle me, they are the wind to my sea, causing havoc and mayhem with my stability.

I have been receiving messages…

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Stay Safe – Short Story


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Live Love Laugh Ranting

Some people have to hide their sexuality in order to stay safe.

This is both common and the best way to handle it for some people.

So, I thought, why not show you a little of what I thought.

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Here is a sample:

I’m scared. I get abused as it is…. Beatings at school, funny looks at home.

I love her, she takes care from me. We lie and say that we’re just best friends but we are much more.

I want to be with her, publicly. Being able to hold her hand, laugh and be natural with her.

But I can’t because of them.

Everyone here is against us, against people like us.

I love her, I can’t change that.

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Make a change



Drifting around as quietly as I can I mostly watch as others come into and then pass right back out. Come in, say something that I’ll think about for awhile, a few shallow promises later they leave without looking back.

As quietly as I can I think as loudly as I dare. The thoughts I think are private so I’m careful not to think to much about them; the more you think something the more likely you are to say it. Always beware how much attention you give an idea if you aren’t willing to make it apart if who you are.

My thoughts haunt me often; this is what was, what could’ve been, what should’ve been, and more. Take care to take heed of your own thoughts, they hold a great power over yours and sometimes others lives.