Starting over


I’ve left behind a lot in my life. Old blog posts, friends, even family for things I feel are beyond reprehension. Its a sad and sorry state when you have to leave behind things and people that you feel are precious to you but sometimes you have to start over. It’s kinda scary, to have to start over from scratch.

Let me start off by telling the world a bit about myself.

I’m a writer, lover of music and art and my tiny family. I’m a single parent who loves their child. The absentee parent is not involved or even on the birth certificate of my one child. I love my child so much I was willing to leave everyone and everything behind in my life so as to protect my child from what I feel is so wrong about my own past. I’m not claiming that my child will never learn of my history or my own transgressions, just that I’m not ready for them to have to deal with the drama of what I’m trying to leave behind.

I love animals and so does my child. I love cats and dogs, birds and fish, rats and everything. I’m mostly a cat person though.

I have so much more to say but that I will save for another day.


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