Foods that are to blame for the most food Poisoning accidents


More people should bide aware of what is hazardous and what is less hazardous. Thank you to the original poster who put this out. I encourage anyone who reads this on my page to refer to the original poster for more awesome stuff they might have an interest in

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Some of the most common Food Poisoning foods, in your kitchen.

Dinner’s over and you’re experiencing major gastric distress. What’s the cause? Use this guide to common carriers of food poisoning to find out what might be causing your tummy troubles.

Leftover Rice Surprising as it may seem, rice can be tainted with heat-resistant bacteria that can survive cooking. When you leave rice out at room temperature, that bacteria can multiply quickly and make you sick – but only if you’re not careful. Play it safe and put leftover rice in the fridge within two hours of cooking and dispose of any uneaten rice after three days.

Ice Cream Thawing ice cream allows bacteria to grow, and the biggest mistake you can make with ice cream is putting it back in the freezer after letting it unfreeze. Don’t leave the container out on the counter during dessert. Instead, scoop what…

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