Small Spaces: Bathroom Organizing and Decor


I live in a modest sized apartment but get very little space. I’m using this post I found by someone to help with ideas that I might be able to use to help myself out. Thank you to the original blog poster for posting this

The Artful Attempt

In a rental, it can be challenging to make a bathroom feel the least bit welcoming. Make it a small bathroom without a lot of storage and you’ve got an even bigger challenge on your hands. I recently found an article from Elle Decor about how to make your bathroom feel luxurious. A few of the tips worked well in my small space! Here’s how I tackled my small bathroom to serve better in terms of organization and be presentable for visitors.

Aviary Photo_130672870011687706

  • Added storage. At first, I thought we’d just put some shelves above the towel bar by the toilet, but our bathroom is small and doesn’t get any natural light, so the shelves would end up being in the way and make the space feel even smaller. We do have a window in the bathroom, but it’s “view” is the brick wall of the building next to us (tight-spaces-Chicago)…

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