Work it girl


Okay, it’s not like it may sound to most people. I’m making a crafty little vase. I’ve painted the inside bright pink and am going to add stripes on the outside in a different shade of pink.


The one inn the left is the color for the outside, the one on the right is the one for the inside. I’ve got some crafting tape to help with the stripes for the outside. I hope it’s not the super sticky crafting tape so it’s not hard to get off of the glass.

I’m trying to imitate some of those diy projects I’ve seen other people blog about our those magazines that tell you where to go to find something for less than a hundred dollars. I’m making mine for just under twenty and I can reuse the paintbrush and leftover tape. I’ll post another picture when it’s done.

#awesome #awesomeness #diy #homemade #handmade #project #fun #creative


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