Creativity: Escape XII


I love art in all forms. It doesn’t matter to me if it’s commercial or handmade, art is awesome and it expresses a part of a person’s soul.

Thank you to the original artist of this post. You’re a wonderful artist

sukies original

After a few weeks of other creative endeavours, I’m back to my altered book “Escape” again, with the admonition to “Be your artistic self all the time…”DSCF9379 (Large)

This double page spread includes copies of pages from another book I made – “About a Boy”, with Patti Smith’s lyrics of her song of that name, written and recorded after the untimely death of Kurt Cobain. The photo of Kurt, originally cut out of a magazine, was by photographer Stephen Sweet. Stamps of bird cages were used throughout that book, and I stamped more over the copies in here, also colouring in with the same pink and orange as the page backgrounds.DSCF9380 (Large)

Here’s a detail of the multi-layering. The tree stamp is one I carved myself, during our trip to the Pacific North West a few years ago. I made a couple in response to each place we stayed. All you need is some…

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