I’m not really competitive…


Thank you to the originator of the blog post. You are a beautiful artist and I hope you always enjoy knitting


Tom says I’m competitive.  I’ve never thought so.  I guess I am competitive with myself.  I don’t so much want to best someone in public, but I do try to do better than others or myself behind closed doors.

Example: I’ve knit since I was 12 years old.  My daughter asked me to teach her to knit many years ago, and I taught her a basic garter stitch.  She made a scarf for her boyfriend (now husband) Shane.  I never heard anything more about knitting until 5 years ago when she was pregnant for Ollie.  She went to a class and made booties.  She did really well, and took off from there.  She has made some beautiful things.

shawlshawl2striped shawl  cinderella oct 12 b

(The shawls, sweaters, the kids…and Sara!  All beautiful.)

She taught Shane to knit and he knits a little slower, but is doing well also. gryfindor

ollie monster

The grandkids even know how to take care of…

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