Freedom of Speech


“Part of it is that with as much as she wants people to do things on their own she doesn’t see how she expects them to allow her to control them and hold them down. A phone is a symbol of personal freedom. I’ve had this phone longer than she’s aware of and that means I’ve had that piece if freedom and personal control without her being able to use it as a weapon or instrument of control. It’s a piece of personal independence and freedom.”

I wrote that to someone today about why my roommate is pissed that I have an operating phone. Sucks doesn’t it. First they tell you you have to bee able to do things on your own and then when you get one piece (that’s how freedom and personal independence is gained, one piece at a time) they get all pissy. I have to pay I don’t know yet how much in taxes to Obama for not having full coverage insurance every month of the year last year because I couldn’t afford it and I’m about to be penalized for it. And I’m told I should be able to pay someone else money I don’t have for that? Life is shit sometimes, especially with an idiot like obama-doesn’t-flipping-care demanding retribution for MY not having been covered every single month. What’s he gonna do, use it to help pay for another vacation where he takes his family to another country and tried to teach them how to eat like Americans? Now there’s an idea NOT worth funding.

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