Road Of Fire


I would’ve wanted to watch the big fire too

Thank you to the original poster of this blog post

#fire #sentiment #road #walking #heart #disappointed


Once on a very beautiful night, while the breeze blew and the band played, I walked the road of fire. It was not engulfed in fire, but lit by it and the fire gave the night sky a beautifully eerie orange glow, much like the glow of the northern lights- if they were orange. As I walked in a group with a few of my friends, I could not help but think of her and how much she would love this. Of how fun it would be to walk side by side-with fire in our hands- and talk about trivial things and joke about everything we see. So when I got home, I told her about the fiery road and how lovely it would be. I pleaded and begged her to come with me. I made sure I went with her to all her events and accompanied her to all…

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