Quiet Thoughts.



I occupy my mind with distractions,
Silencing it with mind-numbing TV and food,
Yet when time comes for bed,
I am overcome by a certain mood.

My nights I now spend fitful,
Racing through cartoon like dreamscapes,
I’ve been denying myself my things,
I think I know why my heart aches.

There’s been this quiet voice,
At first so quiet I could not hear,
But now as I grow stronger,
This voice is at war with my fear.

Deep within the folds of my gyrus,
There’s a little girl lost,
She cries out in desperation,
She has spent too much time cut off.

So there are these quiet thoughts in my mind that, despite always knowing they were there, I have never truly dredged up and acknowledged. These thoughts unsettle me, they are the wind to my sea, causing havoc and mayhem with my stability.

I have been receiving messages…

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